Who are we?

How did we do it?

Our scientists and engineers have created a unique network of 18 (and growing) robotic telescopes, placed all over the world. Parallel advances in digital technology allow our telescopes to communicate and operate as a single globe-spanning scientific instrument - Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT).
This has given us the unique ability to investigate phenomena continuously. It is always dark somewhere, so the sun never rises on LCOGT. Continuous night means that we can take immediate observations in conjunction with actions triggered by satellites, or we can monitor a star for days on end to watch it pulsate and change.

Why did we do it?

Traditionally, astronomers travel to the telescope, observe for a few nights, then return home to analyze the data over the next few months or years. Some big problems with this approach are:

  1. You can’t follow huge catalogs of astronomical events that change over weeks or months.
  2. You can’t get instantaneous observations for rapidly-changing phenomena, because it might be either daytime, or not when you are using the telescope.
  3. Bad weather can wipe out all your observations.
  4. Sending astronomers to distant observatories is expensive and inefficient.
  5. It holds up scientific discovery.

LCOGT technology has eliminated all of the above.

Goal Driven

Our scientific goal is to revolutionize time domain astronomy research, and scientists worldwide recognize the significance and importance of such a powerful tool and are already publishing ground breaking results obtained by utilizing the LCOGT network.

The Universe at your fingertips

Schools in Europe and the United States are already making observations with LCOGT telescopes. This has opened up new worlds of exploration and fascination, encouraging children and adults alike to discover the wonders of the universe and incite a passion for learning never before realized. From its inception, LCOGT has been committed to using astronomy as a tool for public engagement and formal and informal education, with the aim of encouraging eager learners of all ages to think critically and develop investigative skills. 

Scientists are able to request observations the instant they learn of a gamma ray burst or the discovery of a new supernova. Recent discoveries by LCOGT have included potentially hazardous asteroids crossing the orbit of Earth, new planets around other stars, stars being torn apart by black holes, and measuring the mass of a black hole from fluctuations in the gas being funneled into it. We’re also measuring Dark Energy, the mysterious substance that dominates the Universe, perplexingly causing it to accelerate in its expansion.

With internet access, anyone in the world, at anytime, is able to make discoveries utilizing the LCOGT global telescope network.

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