News & Press Releases

01 Sep 2014

On Sky

Today marks to launch of a brand new observing interface for LCOGT network of telescopes. It has been designed for education users and is called On Sky. Earlier this year the whole LCOGT network was officially launched with the 1-meter and 2-meter telescopes all using the same operating system software, for the first time.

19 Aug 2014

We have recently identified a bug in our online visibility tool, which caused it to incorrectly calculate the hour angle of objects with high RA.

21 Jul 2014

Call for Proposals to use the LCOGT 1m & 2m telescope facilities

Semester dates and deadline

The 2014B semester runs from 2014 October 1 to 2015 March 31 UTC.

30 Apr 2014

As part of the commissioning process for our new science camera, Sinistro, some of the science team have been taking long exposures to see what the camera is capable of. Below is a colour composite image from over 7 hours, and 93 image, worth of observing effort, taken at the Cerro Tololo site of LCOGT.

12 Feb 2014

JD Armstrong works on outreach for University of Hawai'i's Institute for Astronomy on Maui. A major part of his job is to mentor hawaiian students in astronomy research projects and in particular projects that involve the LCOGT observatory on Maui, Faulkes Telescope North (FTN).

06 Feb 2014

Last week the LCOGT Science Advisory Committee met, and, among other activities, reviewed the key project proposals. There were 11 proposals, and the total amount of time requested was more than 17,000 hours on the 1m network and about 1700 hours on the 2m network.

31 Jan 2014

Early this week I visited the IAU's office of astronomy for development (OAD) in Cape Town, South Africa.

20 Jan 2014

Call for Proposals to use the LCOGT 1m & 2m telescope facilities

Semester dates and deadline

The 2014A semester runs from 2014 April 1 to 2014 September 30 UTC.

09 Jan 2014

During this week (7 - 9 January 2014) BBC have been showing the latest in their annual series of live space and astronomy programmes on UK television, called Stargazing LIVE.

06 Jan 2014

Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Award 2014, for outstanding outreach by an amateur astronomer to children and the public is awarded to Mr. Chuck Bueter.