News & Blogs from 2009

05 Aug 2009

Well, we've been at the summit for almost 10 hours and it's been great so far.  Mark was installing a webcam on the outside of a building and we helped him out whilst the electrics and links with the 0.4m and the control software are being tested by Wayne and Jacob.

04 Aug 2009

This week, I have been lucky enough to be asked to go out to the Haleakala site in Maui by LCOGT to help commission the telescopes. As an astrophysicist, I often analyze images from telescopes (mostly ones which work in the far-infrared range, including telescopes which sit on top of another extinct volcano on the Hawaiian islands - Mauna Kea on Big Island).

21 Jul 2009

The  commissioning work at the Sedgwick Reserve Observatory continues. This is the latest image taken by the LCOGT team working on the telescope.

20 Jul 2009

We have made some updates to the website in the past couple of months. Here are the highlights.

10 Jul 2009

Over the past few months LCOGT has been making lots of progress with the 1-meter telescope prototype, the 1-meter enclosure prototype, the 0.4-meter telescope , and the 0.4-meter enclosure prototype, also know as "Aqawan".

04 Jun 2009

The network expansion continues. Earlier this week Faulkes Telescope North was joined by 2 smaller telescopes, installed inside the Haleakala observatory enclosure as can be seen in the images. You can just make out the 2 small black tubes next to FTN.

19 May 2009

We've recently launched an exoplanet observing programme, and are looking for people to help with observing these very rare microlensing events. One such group in Ireland has already taken up the challenge and successfully observed 10 different candidates (each one multiple times). Each time the group meets they write a detailed blog entry about their experiences.