News & Blogs from 2011

08 Nov 2011

As a part of our education and outreach effort at LCOGT, and to give you a chance to get to know our staff a little better, we are starting a new interviews

08 Nov 2011

A while back I wrote about our efforts to ensure that every observation taken by a public user of our telescope network has a permanent web presence. As well as providing a page for each observation with relevant information, it allowed people to browse through the tens of thousands of observations by user and by telescope.

08 Nov 2011

You may have noticed that our website has been pretty quiet over October and early November. This is because we have been preparing for a relaunch. The previous incarnation of the site had stood us in good stead for the past ~5 years but it was time for a change.

17 Oct 2011

The observatories opened up - but unfortunately the weather closed in. Such was the introduction to ‘Open Day’ at Siding Spring Observatory on Saturday October 15th 2011.

04 Oct 2011

This past Saturday (October 1) was the third annual Science Day at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

27 Sep 2011
Our first totally online, citizen science project was launched today. It is called Agent Exoplanet and is about investigating transiting exoplanets. The 'Agent' part of the name is gives the project a secret agent theme. It might seem a little strange for an astronomy project but the key similarity is that astronomers are like detectives.
07 Sep 2011

Site construction is continuing smoothly at Tiede Observatory and at McDonald Observatory while domes have begun being assembled at SAAO.

02 Sep 2011

On September 1, FLOYDS achieved first light! This is a great accomplishment for all involved! A calibration lamp were used to achieve a rough alignment and the spectra.

31 Aug 2011
Over the weekend, warm weather and clear skies created the perfect night for a star party at Sedgwick. Donated by LCOGT to the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) for their annual benefit, which includes both a live and silent auction.
28 Aug 2011

Members of the LCOGT supernova team have been monitoring the evolution of a newly discovered supernova in M101. The discovery was made by the Palomar Transient Factory team on 24 August, which LCOGT astronomers are part of.