News & Press Releases

08 Apr 2011

This past week Stuart and I joined a host of technology savvy astronomers in New College, Oxford University (although being 'new' is relative because it was founded in 1379) for .astronomy 3. It is a grand conference venue and it is unsurprising to learn it was used as a set in the Harry Potter films.

06 Apr 2011

Last year the Clue Crew from Jeopardy! Visited Haleakalā to film clues for the show. They filmed at the University of Hawai`i sites, including the Laser Ranging Station, PanSTARRS, and of course they filmed at the Faulkes Telescope North. On March 25th the show aired. The show devoted a category to Haleakalā.

31 Mar 2011

I have dubbed Ross Ito, Taylor Nakamura, and Dane Oshiro "The Men In Black".  They have started showing up at the Science and Engineering fairs dressed in black and looking sharp.  The students have been working with the assistance of Avi Shporer, BJ Foulton, and J. D. Armwstong with data from the Faulkes Telescope North, the Faulkes Telescope South, and the Sedgwick observatory.

08 Mar 2011

Friday evening, March 4, was the first of many in the 2011 season for star parties at Sedgwick Reserve. Rachel Ross and Robert Paulson of LCOGT attended, as well as Fred Marschak and one of this students from Santa Barbara City College.

28 Feb 2011

This years KITP Teacher's conference was held on February 26th with a theme of “Physics and Biology: Evolution of Life and Evolution of Science.” This conference brings over a hundred science teachers at the middle and high school levels from across the country to Santa Barbara for a day

28 Feb 2011

Our Back Parking Lot (or BPL) site behind the Santa Barbara Headquarters is our primary test assembly for the 0.4 and 1m classes of telescope (for recent progress see Rachel's blog entry, Site Development at Sedgwick and the Back Parking Lot ).

22 Feb 2011

If you've ever used a telescope with a CCD camera you've probably encountered FITS files. FITS, or Flexible Image Transport System, is a file format used widely in astronomy to share images.

15 Feb 2011

Last Wednesday, Feb 9, the team working on the new science camera system, Sinistro, got their first light image. This is a huge accomplishment, congratulations to the team!

12 Feb 2011

I didn't mean to be a geek at the NewYears party. Really I didn't. I brought my laptop, and the host told me I could set it up at a table. I think that the intent was for me to post on FB or something like that. I had a set of data from the Faulkes that was burning a hole in my pocket, and so I told myself I would just look at one field.

10 Feb 2011

One of our science team, Yiannis Tsapras has produced a graphic showing interesting information about all the exoplanets listed on The Ex­tra­so­lar Plan­ets Encyclopaedia.