News & Press Releases

09 Apr 2013

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope, with six operational observatory sites and more to come, will open their robotic telescopes to hands-on use during the University of Hawai'i Institute for Astronomy (IfA) open house this coming April 14.

27 Mar 2013

Last week (15 -24 march) was National Science and Engineering Week in UK, and as a break in between writing computer code and telescope scheduling, I took the opportunity to do some public engagement.

04 Mar 2013

Here are three images  put together by BJ Fulton from the data from 2 March, 2013 on our newly installed 1-meter telescopes at Sutherland, South Africa.

25 Feb 2013

We have installed and completed engineering commissioning of three robotic 1-meter telescopes in a matter of a few days this week at the South Africa Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), Sutherland.

23 Feb 2013

At the South Africa Astronomical Observatory site last night, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope achieved first light with two of its three 1-meter telescopes.

22 Feb 2013

This week members of our engineering team have been installing telescopes at our Sutherland site, South Africa. We are pleased to announce the first of the 3 telescopes to be installed achieved first light on 22 February 2013.

15 Feb 2013

An asteroid with an orbit that brings it very close to the Earth this week, with it's closest approach on 15 February at 20:00 UT. For the past couple of weeks staff astronomer, Tim Lister and I have been trying to image this asteroid, called 2012 DA14.

07 Feb 2013
After the bush fires which ravaged New South Wales mid-January 2013, we are pleased to announce that the LCOGT installation at Siding Spring is back on sky!
17 Jan 2013

A heatwave in New South Wales, Australia last week pushed daytime temperatures to as high as 42 degrees Celsius (108 Fahrenheit) and triggered a series of wildfires. One of these, the Wambelong Fire, burned through portions of the Warrumbungle National Park and threatened the Siding Spring Observatory where a large share of the astronomy in Australia is conducted.

17 Jan 2013

Call for Proposals to use the LCOGT 2m telescope facilities

Semester dates and deadline

The 2013A semester runs from 1 April 2013 to 30 September, 2013.