News & Press Releases

14 Aug 2012

A national Science week was celebrated nationwide here in South Africa from July 30-August 5, 2012. The event, an initiative of the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) for highlighting the importance of science for development, is intended to expose school students and teachers to science-based careers.

09 Aug 2012

This summer has been a very busy outreach season for us in UK. Stuart and I, with assistance from many others, have exhibited at 3 different festivals and spoken to around 1000 people. We've fine tuned setting up our stand to be a well oiled machine! The theme has an over-arching theme of multi-wavelength views of the Universe.

02 Aug 2012

Call for Proposals to use LCOGT 2-meter telescope facilities in the 2012B semester (1 October 2012 - 31 March, 2013).

10 Jul 2012

Every year, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) presents eight awards to the astronomy community including amateur astronomy and outreach, teaching astronomy at various levels, significant contributions to astronomy research, and to outstanding Ph.D thesis.

19 Jun 2012

The recently installed 1-meter telescope at McDonald Observatory has helped confirm its first two new Near Earth Objects (NEOs).  Both were candidates from PanSTARRS, and were followed up by a number of observatories including LCOGT.

18 Jun 2012

This week’s interview is with Eric Saunders.

14 Jun 2012

I represented LCOGT in a four days roadshow astronomy outreach program in three towns (Sutherland, Williston and Fraserburg) near the home of the LCOGT telescopes in Sutherland, South Africa.