New look for our website

You may have noticed that our website has been pretty quiet over October and early November. This is because we have been preparing for a relaunch. The previous incarnation of the site had stood us in good stead for the past ~5 years but it was time for a change. We had to upgrade the Content Management System to the latest version because our previous version was so old it was no longer supported. We saw the port to Drupal 7 to be a good opportunity to have a spring clean, tidying up some parts of the site which were not working and bring other parts of the site more up to date.

Many pages have "Feature boxes" which highlight projects, apps and things we are proud of. You will see these dotted around the site, so have a look!

We have totally rewritten the Observations app to include even more features. You will soon see a blog post by Stuart, which illuminates these features.

We have made sure that all of the old links into our website still work. Even if the content has moved you should be redirected to the correct place. More features will appear over the coming months, so keep watching the site as it evolves. We hope you enjoy our new look!

If you have any suggestions about the website or notice any bugs, please let us know via the contact form.