LCOGT telescopes on sky from Chile

Two of three 1-meter LCOGT telescopes are being commissioned at our first Southern site at CTIO in Chile by Annie Hjelstrom, Vincent Posner, Kurt Vander Horst & Mark Crellin, assisted by local staff.  The LCOGT team will have the third telescope in DOME-A on-sky very soon (see the update below).

Both images taken on 10-Oct-2012 (UT) from our 1-m telescopes in DOME-C and DOME-B respectively.


(Above) RGB color image of NGC 1365, a barred spiral in Fornax, about 200,000 light years across with an active Galactic Nucleus. (Below) R-band image of NGC1672, a barred spiral in Dorado with an active Seyfert nucleus.



RGB image of Messier 30 (M30 or NGC 7099) a globular cluster of stars in the constellation Capricornus, about 30,000 light years away and about 90 light years across, taken on 11-Oct-2012 (UT) with our third 1-meter telescope in DOME-A.  The top picture shows the whole cluster while the bottom focuses on details within the core. 

LCOGT now have three 1-meter telescopes operating at CTIO, part of our expanding global network of robotic telescopes.  Installation of all three telescopes began just 10 days ago on 2-Oct-2012 following site development work and installation of the domes and site infrastructure that commenced in mid-2009.



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