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Modeling the Climates of (Exo)planets

I will give a simple overview of the dominant processes determining the state of a planetary atmosphere, and its evolution (i.e. climate). I will then explore how models capture some of these processes and can be adapted from the study of Earth to extra Solar planets (exoplanets), in particular hot Jupiters (a class of exoplanet Jovian in size but orbiting very close to their parent star).

Systems Administrator

11 Nov 2014 - 00:00

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network operates a growing global network of robotic telescopes for scientific research and educational outreach. We are looking for a Systems Administrator who is proficient with multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, OS/X), to keep a diverse set of users functioning. Further, the successful candidate will help to maintain all IT systems on the telescope network, working with the telescope operations team to address day to day issues that arise.

On Sky change log

Changes deployed on 29 October 2014

  • Timezones: Users can select their own timezone and see all the slot information in an appropriate manner, so they don't have to convert to and from UTC any more (unless they want to!).
  • Profile: Users can edit their own profile information, including selecting whether they want to On Sky as their default.
  • Viewer: Users now get an alert if the weather will prevent their On Sky slot from going ahead.
  • Compose: "Add extra target" opens the "Add target" pane now instead of adding a button which you then click.
  • All th

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