Zeitgeist 2010

As 2011 begins we thought it would be interesting to have a look at some numbers which were significant for LCOGT during 2010. The majority of the numbers are precise but a couple of them are estimates (look at the descriptions for more information). Not all the information is scientifically relevent, but we hope you enjoy it anyway.

Number of hours allocated to science projects during 2010 (this number is for semesters beginning in 2010, i.e. 2010A and 2010B. It does not necessarily represent when the time was used).

Number of photons hitting LCOGT CCDs during 2010 (this is an estimate based on total number of hours of 'open shutter' time, responses of our various different CCDs, an average number of counts per frame for standard stars, calibration data and astronomical data - its probably good to a factor of ±3 ).

Number of nights when Faulkes Telescope North was open for observing (these are actually nights where the enclosure opened at least once, not 24 periods of continual openness). More operational statistics for 2010 >

Number of hours of observing time allocated to our UK education partner, Faulkes Telescope Project during 2010. You can see what type of people/organizations they worked with and what they observed during 2010 in the images on the right (downloadable versions of [[{"attributes": {"alt": "who observed", "style": "", "class": "media-image link asset", "rel": "asset", "typeof": "foaf:Image"}, "view_mode": "media_link", "type": "media", "fid": "857"}]] and [[{"attributes": {"alt": "what was observed", "style": "", "class": "media-image link asset", "rel": "asset", "typeof": "foaf:Image"}, "view_mode": "media_link", "type": "media", "fid": "858"}]]). The most popular astronomical target of 2010 was the Comet 103P/Hartley 2. Have a look at which archive images are most popular.

Number of papers published in 2010 by LCOGT scientists and engineers. Our most popular paper (according to NASA - ADS) is Discovery of the Eclipsing Detached Double White Dwarf Binary NLTT 1174.

Nights Faulkes Telescope South was open. South had rather worse weather than North during 2010. Quite a few of the days where the enclosure did open, it closed again soon after. Hopefully the weather in 2011 will be better! More operational statistics for 2010 >

Estimated amount of coffee drunk by LCOGT in US gallons (approx 4605 litres). This is a liberal estimate based on how frequently more coffee is bought and the capacity of all the different coffee machines in Santa Barbara (US), Liverpool (UK), Siding Spring (AU), and Maui (US). Many of those (approx 517 gallons/1960 litres) will have been cappuccinos made in Santa Barbara. What can I say. We like our coffee.

Observing time, in hours, on the network allocated to the Hawaiian outreach project which is supported jointly by LCOGT and Institute for Astronomy, Maui.

Number of Toyota Priuses owned by LCOGT employees.

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