We would like people to engage in interesting and potentially exciting investigations. You could be a school or university student, an amateur astronomer, or just someone with an interest in being involved in science. We think of you all as Citizen Scientists.

We are developing more ways for you to be involved in science investigations which will make use of our robotic telescope network. In the meantime our website has lots of resources for you to explore.

Have a look at observations taken with our network. You can also download the astronomical data for use in some of our activities.
These activities will get you started with the telescopes, you can use your own telescope observations or archived telescope data from our network. The activities include a variety of software applications so that you can start doing science.
How-to Tutorials
In this section you can find articles to instruct you how to use the astronomical software, how to create color images and many more.
Space Book
We've written an online astronomy book which covers topics such as the solar system, different telescope designs, what magnitudes are.

If you are at a UK school, you have a unique opportunity to use the flagship telescopes of our network, through our partner organization Faulkes Telescope Project. Contact them directly if you would like to be part of their program.

Students, educators, and amateur astronomers in Hawai`i are provided with time on our telescopes through a cooperative agreement with LCOGT and the University of Hawai`i. People from Hawai`i who are interested in becoming involved with the University's programs, or using the telescopes are encouraged to contact Dr. J. D. Armstrong.

You can register to receive our monthly e-newsletter. During 2011 we will be adding more opportunities for people to use our telescope network and be involved in science projects.

How you can be involved

Soon we will have some telescopes and observing programs for you to be involved with in the following ways:

If you have an interest in astronomy or just want to take pictures of the night sky, you'll have an easy way to do that. You will be able to make requests which will be sent out across the global telescope network, to the most appropriate observatory site and telescope, and then be delivered back to you.

If you want to take your observing to the next level, you will be able to be involved in one of our observing/key projects. We will have a number of these covering a range of exciting astronomical topics. You will be able to take part in as many as you like, and contribute to them as much as you like.