Global Telescope Network

The global telescope network is continually expanding. We currently have 2 operational telescopes at 2 separate sites and will eventually have continuous coverage of the night sky from multiple locations. There will be 3 main classes of telescope, categorized by the size of the primary mirror: 2-meter, 1-meter and 0.4-meter.

Santa Barbara

The headquarters of LCOGT are located in Goleta, a city close to Santa Barbara, California.

The majority of LCOGT staff are located here. This is also where the 0.4-meter and 1-meter telescopes in the network are designed, assembled and tested. Most of the science team is based here and are affiliated with University of California, Santa Barbara.

Cerro Tololo

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory is home to many NOAO telescopes. Las Cumbres Observatory deployed a full node of three 1-meter telescopes at Cerro Tololo during October 2012


Teide Observatory, on Tenerife, is home to several types of telescopes including solar, optical, and radio. Teide is a potential future site for LCOGT telescopes.

For more information about the site and the current telescopes, check out the Observatorio del Teide website.