Network Webcams

View our network as we build it with the site webcams. Each webcam image is updated every minute. Refresh the page to see what is happening.


  • View of site
  • All sky camera, B&W
  • All sky color
  • Inside enclosure - looking up
  • Inside enclosure - looking down
  • Telescope view
  • Enclosure - West side
  • Enclosure - East side
  • ASASsn view

Haleakala weather and observations.

Siding Spring

  • View of site
  • Telescope view
  • Enclosure - East side
  • Control box

Siding Spring weather and observations.


  • View of site

Sedgwick weather.

Back parking lot (Santa Barbara)

  • View of site
  • 0.4-meter Aqawan enclosure
  • 1-meter Dome

Santa Barbara weather.

Fort Davis (McDonald Observatory)

  • View of site
  • All sky camera, B&W 1
  • All sky camera, B&W 2
  • All sky camera, color
  • 1-meter Dome A
  • 1-meter enclosure

Fort Davis weather.

Cerro Tololo

  • All sky camera, color 1
  • All sky camera, color 2
  • 1-meter Dome A
  • 1-meter Dome B
  • 1-meter Dome C

Cerro Tololo weather.


  • View of site
  • 1-meter Dome A
  • 1-meter Dome B
  • 1-meter Dome C

Sutherland weather.

2016A proposals

View a full list of programs we are supporting with network observing time during 2016A semester.

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