The unique aspect of LCOGT science is having a global network of telescopes at our disposal. The areas of astronomy most interesting to us are those which take full advantage of this sort of network; targets which appear suddenly and without warning like supernovae and asteroids; objects which need to be observed for long periods in darkness like exoplanets and binary star systems.  Click here to see our research team

Recent publications

  • Published May 2015: 2015Icar..252..271R
    Ruprecht, Jessica D., Bosh, Amanda S., Person, Michael J., Bianco, Federica B., Fulton, Benjamin J., Gulbis, Amanda A. S., Bus, Schelte J., Zangari, Amanda M.
  • Published Apr 2015: 2015MNRAS.448.2482J
    Anders Jerkstrand, Stephen J. Smartt, Jesper Sollerman, Cosimo Inserra, Morgan Fraser, Jason Spyromilio, Claes Fransson, Ting-Wan Chen, Cristina Barbarino, Massimo Dall'Ora, Maria Teresa Botticella, Massimo Della Valle, Avishay Gal-Yam, Stefano Valenti, Kate Maguire, Paolo Mazzali, Lina Tomasella
  • Published Apr 2015: 2015MNRAS.448.2312B
    C. Barbarino, M. Dall'Ora, M. T. Botticella, M. Della Valle, L. Zampieri, J. R. Maund, M. L. Pumo, A. Jerkstrand, S. Benetti, N. Elias-Rosa, M. Fraser, A. Gal-Yam, M. Hamuy, C. Inserra, C. Knapic, A. P. LaCluyze, M. Molinaro, P. Ochner, A. Pastorello, G. Pignata, D. E. Reichart, C. Ries, A. Riffeser, B. Schmidt, M. Schmidt, R. Smareglia, S. J. Smartt, K. Smith, J. Sollerman, M. Sullivan, L. Tomasella, M. Turatto, S. Valenti, O. Yaron, D. Young
  • Published Mar 2015: 2015A&A...575A..61A
    Anderson, D.R., Collier Cameron, A., Hellier, C., Lendl, M., Lister, T.A., Maxted, P.F.L., Queloz, D., Smalley, B., Smith, A.M.S., Triaud, A.H.M.J., Brown, D.J.A., Gillon, M., Neveu-VanMalle, M., Pepe, F., Pollacco, D., S\'egransan, D., Udry, S., West, R.G., Wheatley, P.J.
  • Published Mar 2015: 2015Sci...347.1123K
    Patrick L. Kelly, Steven A. Rodney, Tommaso Treu, Ryan J. Foley, Gabriel Brammer, Kasper B. Schmidt, Adi Zitrin, Alessandro Sonnenfeld, Louis-Gregory Strolger, Or Graur, Alexei V. Filippenko, Saurabh W. Jha, Adam G. Riess, Marusa Bradac, Benjamin J. Weiner, Daniel Scolnic, Matthew A. Malkan, Anja von der Linden, Michele Trenti, Jens Hjorth, Raphael Gavazzi, Adriano Fontana, Julian Merten, Curtis McCully, Tucker Jones, Marc Postman, Alan Dressler, Brandon Patel, S. Bradley Cenko, Melissa L. Graham, Bradley E. Tucker
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