HAT-P-39b--HAT-P-41b: Three Highly Inflated Transiting Hot Jupiters

We report the discovery of three new transiting extrasolar planets orbiting moderately bright (V=11.1 to 12.4) F stars. The planets have periods of P = 2.6940 d to 4.4572 d, masses of 0.60 M_J to 0.80 M_J, and radii of 1.57 R_J to 1.73 R_J. They orbit stars with masses between 1.40 M_sun and 1.51 M_sun. The three planets are members of an emerging population of highly inflated Jupiters with 0.4 M_J < M < 1.5 M_J and R > 1.5 R_J.

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