Sedgwick Reserve is in the Santa Ynez valley, Santa Barbara county. It is part of the University of California Natural Reserve System. Currently, there is one telescope on site, the Byrne Observatory at Sedgwick (BOS) and the site is home to the LCOGT NRES Spectrograph prototype.

The reserve has a wide variety of vegetation types, including coast live oak forest, blue oak woodland, valley oak savannah, buckbrush chaparral, coastal sage scrub, grassland, willow riparian forest, serpentine outcroppings, and agricultural lands. The region has a rich Native American heritage, and at least one Middle Chumash habitation site (1,500 to 2,000 years old) rests on site. 

For more information about Sedgwick Reserve, check out their website. You can also view the site webcams.


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