Radar-targeted NEOs

This page gives details of radar-targeted NEOs (those scheduled for Arecibo and/or Goldstone radar observations) that have been studied using the LCOGT Network and have had rotation periods determined.


2002 NV16


Period of 0.90672 hours found from LSC (Chile; W85) data on 2013/06/13 and 15 UTC

First two new NEOs observed from McDonald

The recently installed 1-meter telescope at McDonald Observatory has helped confirm its first two new Near Earth Objects (NEOs).  Both were candidates from PanSTARRS, and were followed up by a number of observatories including LCOGT. The first object, initially called P103Jah was detected by PanSTARRS on June 10th and  followed-up by Tim Lister on June 12. The object was officially designated as 2012 LK2 the next day.